Is it them or is it really you ? “Remember they operate and run the business, you are there to provide the right form of direction, necessary resources and the best of yourself ”. Lumen sapientis.

16 Habits for Lean Leaders – from mediocrity to meaning & purpose. A post COVID-19 approach to managing yourself and others to a better future.
One key learning point in this section of the 16 Habits is the Toyota development wheel. Not only will you understand the two wheel method of developing people through problem solving but also understand your role in making this happen.
Whilst you immerse yourself into the 16 Habits of Lean Leaders, you will be a student to yourself. This section, Habits for addressing Problems and Processes, is the most technical. Here, we do not cover all the process tools that you will find in the Toyota Production System – TPS. There are plenty of good books on this subject. What you will find here is what is not in those books, but practiced in Toyota and many other excellent world class companies, are the leadership Habits associated with Process Improvement and Problem Solving.
Three distinct Habits will improve your Process and Problem Solving Skills and Behaviours. You will learn the Habit of identifying non-value adding activities. The Habit of being a Problem Solving Coach. The Habit of Focusing on Facts & Foxes.
All three Habits are focused on you, the person, learning and leading by example on matters related to Process Improvement and Problem Solving. However, even these Habits are all underpinned with a values driven leadership style which will influence the self-reliance, engagement and problem solving abilities of your employees. “What more could you want from our members?”, this is what I heard from the CEO of Toyota UK on my first day of work there!
You really will not need to worry as much as you do now on the financial results. ROI, OPEX, EBITDA, Lean Time, Set-up time, SMED, Productivity, Quality and Sales will be seen as positive challenges with much more meaning and purpose as to why you are all together at work.
Is there room in your leadership tool-box for more!. Believe me, from multi-national global giants to local family business, the same tools and skills are sorely missing.