#Why build a lean culture?

Dear #CEO 

Why build a lean culture ?
“Your task is to deliver a programme which will build employee engagement and selfreliance as well as their ability to solve problems , that is your task with the team. What else could you expect from our 12 thousand members ?”.
Those were the words I heard from the CEO of the company. For the next 4 ½ years, working with the manufacturing development division we trained , coached and guided team and group leaders, section and division managers in building the habits and principles in achieving those goals Rest assured our kpis had to be met.
18 years later, that same company is repeating that process, each year, every year, why ?
Because continuous improvement in developing people in delivering world-class performance is just as relevant today as it was yesterday and it will be tomorrow.

When the economic slump happened in 2008, we increased employee development, increased kaizen projects. We did not release anyone. The remaining auto manufacturers were filing for chapter 11. Our profit margins were so large we could take the down-turn standing-up.
strategic plans for 2023-2025 are surely on your agenda now, soon after the summer holiday season, deployment strategies, hoshin kanri models will need to be rebalanced.
Please think about this one questions.
Are you just focused on the business results, the goals, the targets and KPI, or are you as focused on the how. The how of how those results will come about?
Now, if you want sustainability in your results, if you want to break the barriers of performance and wipe the competition, if you care and want to activate meaning and purpose at work for all your employees, then delivering business results through people development, framed in a lean organisational culture is a proven way.

Here is another point, by not focusing on the toyota two wheel framework model you will not achieve the results you could reach. That does not mean you should copy Toyota, but the understanding and application of the two-wheel model applies to every organisation in all sectors, both private and public, which means if it is not in your strategy for 2023, you can be quite certain you will be batting under par.

Is 2023 going to be about mediocrity management or about meaning and purpose with amazing results ?
There is no magic pill there is no magic bullet, there is no magic wand. Imagine you are at the cross-roads of making a historic decision in your tenure as the captain of this ship of yours.
In planning your strategic road map framed within you a lean organisational culture, applying the two-wheels, will exceed your expectations for 2023 and beyond. It starts with your decision at this moment in time, standing at the cross-roads for 2023, which means now.

For much more on lean culture transformation and the 16 habits of lean leaders reach out.