#Measuring Results: Is Your Management Team Ready for the Challenges of the Coming Year?

Dear #CEO
Is your management team stepping up to the plate!?
Is the Hoshin kanri receiving its final touches?
The Strategy refreshed, adjusted to take in the latest expectations and contexts.
KPI’s and goals set for 2024 – SPQDC
Policy Deployment Projects in starting blocks.
Catch-ball completed.
KPI cascaded down to the operational people.
One question: Did your management team step up to the plate and did they deliver this year?
How does their DMP – Daily Management Practice look like for 2024?
What are the ‘Rocks’ in their diaries?
What are the mile stones?
Did your Policy Deployment hit road-works, where the reasons operational?
Did you do a thorough Genchi Genbutsu?
This is the time of the year where a thorough examination and verification needs to take place of the management team, in particular the senior leadership team.
If you are really serious about this part of your journey, can I be as bold to suggest, you bring in a Sensei from Toyota (ex-employee) to test your metal.

The question is do you wish to continue in mediocrity, malevolence and deceit, where everything will be fine, we have dealt with it, or are you serious about delivering next year!?