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Sharing best practices!

Yokoten is a Japanese word for sharing best practices within the organization. The Lean Leadership Way Institute is committed to share knowledge with other members, their companies and all other stakeholders. The idea of Yokoten is closely linked to Toyota’s business practices and problem-solving concepts of Hansei, Kaizen, Nemawashi and A3.

Yokoten Conference

Forum Yokoten is an ideal proposition for directors, managers and practitioners working in a production sector. The whole idea of Yokoten is based on sharing good practices. […]

Yokoten Workshop

How to manufacture a product which meets customer requirements with less work and expenses and at the same time with a lower number of mistakes? How to […]

One goal for 2018…

… and 10 key practices for the top management!

What do we need lean for?

How do I see the Lean Departament in a company and how do the Management see it?