“All true and rewarding journeys start with good digestion of oneself ”.

The 16 Habits of Lean Leaders

Purpose & Direction

Are you really leading yourself?

Perhaps it’s time you took a good look what is in your eye before seeing what others have in their eye!

Whilst you immerse yourself into the 16 Habits of Lean Leaders, you will be a student to yourself. The most challenging of all of the 16 habits are the ones related to developing one’s own leadership habits.

Four distinct Habits will improve your inner and behavioural self as a leader so that others will want to follow you at their own will. You will learn the Habit of Practicing being Humble. The Habit of Demonstrating Candour. The Habit of Building you Integrity. The Habit of Personal Reflection (of ones thoughts, feelings, actions and words).

All four Habits are focused on you, the person, the leader who could be. However, they are all underpinned with a values driven leadership style which will influence the self-reliance and engagement of your employees.

How often have we heard the discussion surrounding, how to engage employees, how to generate ideas from employees, how to build a kaizen culture? So many organisations have gone down the road of paying employees for everyday improvement processes. It sometimes may appear to you that the more we hear and read on this subject the more we are confused. In short, the way to generate ideas from employees is actually quite straight forward. The key to engagement and ideas generation followed by implementation and standardisation is through the 4 inner behavioural Habits of a Lean Leader.

Look out for future posts and the launch of the new online programme for leaders. The 16 Habits of Lean Leaders.