The mission of the LLW Institute

The Lean Leadership Way Institute’s statutory mission is to provide and promote best practice (Yokoten) Lean Leadership Way, business methodology in the workplace. Membership is open to organisations as well as individuals.


A true lean leader creates an environment conducive to self-reflection (Hansei), resulting in new ideas and commitment


Inspired and committed man generates ideas (Kaizen) to improve the working environment, other employees, but above all himself!


Człowiek, który sam wygenerował pomysły, będzie bardziej zaangażowany we wprowadzanie zaproponowanych zmian

Members of the Institute have access to practical solutions and can benefit from the knowledge of the best experts. Being a part of it is prestige and pride in the opportunity to broaden knowledge and share experiences in the field of leadership.

The Institute prepares reports, analyses, articles and studies for its members on best business practices and organisations dealing with lean leadership issues, workshops and conferences.

LLW Institute has developed its own unique learning and development program that combines leadership competence with lean tools, principles and values from the automotive industry.

The Program for Continuous Improvement and Certificate Program offered by the Institute confirm and declare the best employers and leaders of continuous improvement in the industry, where respect for people and building trust are the basis for production management every day.

LLW Institute UK Programme Panel

The Institute's Programming Board jointly implemented lean management programs in over 1,000 companies from all over the world. Members of the Board are directly related to the industry and work at the Institute pro bono.
Lean Practitioners Advisory Board


Management and Leadership Council


UK Industry Best Practices Association


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