Access to clean water is a human right.

It is not just a lifesaver.

It is a game - changer!

Water for South Sudan

Join our fundraising team or make a donation - your support will provide daily access to clean water for a rural community in South Sudan.
Help us reach our goal!

Let us YOKOTEN our Business & Consulting experience to build a water well in South Sudan.

Do you run a business, are you a lean consultant?

Together, we can share best practices - YOKOTEN, and support our initiative of funding a water well in South Sudan. Will you help?

In conjunction with the release of the new Lean Leadership Way-Institute e-book, we've created this fundraising page to support the drilling of a new well in a rural South Sudan village. Access to clean water means so many things to residents of rural communities.

It means:

Women and girls no longer walk hours each day carrying up to 18 kilos of water.
Mothers can start small businesses or grow gardens to bring financial stability to their families.
Girls gain the opportunity to attend school, and educated girls can change a nation.

Want to help us reach our goal? Support by donating.

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