#True Lean Transition

Dear #CEO 

Do you know what Julius Caesar said about most Lean Transitions?
“In most cases men willingly believe what they wish.”

Key Points to consider:
1. There is an abundance of ignorance that lean is fundamentally about process tools and that is key to such things as employee engagement, flow and quality assurance.
2. Many consultants, academics and people in Leadership positions verge on Extreme Denial when it comes to real True North Lean requirements.
3. Clarity, the ability to see and understand things as they really are is beyond common man.
4. Organisations pay extremely large fees for worthless advice, just to assure leadership of their own convictions.
5. The road to a True Lean Transition is through peoples hands, hearts and minds.
6. Durable Competitive Advantage comes from Prudence in our behaviours, meaning, building a seamless web of deserved mutual trust and unrelenting practice of respect for others.
7. Employees come to work and offer you their time, their hands and their heads, some even offer their hearts. What do you offer them in exchange!?
8. There is no Kaizen without Hansei. Think about this carefully.
9. The Wolf you feed today will be the one that dominates your behaviour.
10. What Quality Touch Point did you accomplish yesterday for someone in your organisation and what will you accomplish as QTP tomorrow. Quality Assurance is a QTP, which drives culture and business excellence.

Are you one of those who willingly believe in what you wish!? With True Lean Transitions, with any real drive for business excellence, we need to start with self-reflections – Hansei and a good dose of humility, the rest is then open to flow.