Dear #CEO
How many lean tools do we need to become a lean organisation ?
💪 As many as you need to shift the results, in the time span needed so your members treat the changes as their own, supported by the Right Leadership Role.  Touch-Point-Kaizen – #TPK is how we were taught.

Many companies go on an #enterprisekaizen journey with a 3 to 5 year plan, often supported by adding #hoshinkanri . Others start with #projectkaizen . Question, does the Lean culture DNA stick!.
What they will not tell you is this.

👀 Loading your organisation with too many trainings and too many lean tools is the easy part, especially for consultants.
💪 Applying the right lean tools without the right lean leader role competences, will not deliver you sustainable business results”.

💪 What they don’t do is coach you in developing your role as a leader, a lean leader, why, because that requires real experience, wisdom, humility and above all it’s the soft stuff, it’s not process, it’s not visible, you can’t touch it, and besides, soft skills aren’t for hard-nosed leaders, right !!!.
💪 Actually TPS does not work unless you have the entire support mechanisms, starting with your attitude, people skills, habits and values.
💪 Your Role is to practice TPK so as to become a leader.

Developing your role as a lean leader is challenging  That is one KPI why so many organisations fail their lean implementation. 

💪 Focus on making youself self-reliant in your standard work role as a leader. This requires Sensei coaching. In what situations do we build self-reliance through leadership, lean leadership?.
💪 Practice your Role at every key Touch Point, moments when you can be with the members in particular at;
💪 Daily shift meetings and production meetings, paying attention to detail on how the meeting is run.
💪 Developing your people at Genba. Learning to see with an Educated Eye.
💪 Genchi Genbutsu – the place where you DO and CHECK the above and provide by example how to be a leader, a lean leader.
💪 During Onboarding, focus on the way you train and develop others whilst demonstrating the DNA of being a leader, a lean leader.
💪 It’s not them, its you that builds the culture step-by-step, with each new employee.
💪 During problem solving activities. Create business results by developing your people during solving problems.
👀 Finally, how you react and develop an Andon culture has a profound effect on building and binding the DNA of a successful lean leadership culture.
💪 Are you recording and acting on your production, office and project Andons?.
Enterprise kaizen has to have deep roots and that means starting with the simple daily Touch-Point-kaizen – TPK events.

TPK is a basic role we learn’t for process and behavioural improvement from shop-floor to board room.

Would you like to discuss your TPK ?