Top Tips for Production Team Leaders

If you fail in persuading someone in your team to change their attitude and see resistance to change, don’t necessarily blame yourself.

Here are a few words of thought that might help you!

Sometimes you feel you really have done everything you can to support someone but they just don’t change.

The reasons for this situation could be as a result of your errors as well as that of your work colleague.

As a leader of a team, it happens that despite your honest and sincere efforts to understand and influence someone don’t work.

Look at it this way:

  • You can lead a horse to the pond, you can encourage it to taste the water, but the horse has to want to try the water from the pond.
  • As a leader you can create the conditions for change for the better, you can provide the gound work for them to find meaning and purpose at work, but the decision is theirs whether they do or not.
  • Building your authority through trust, respect, Genba coaching does not always work.
  • The system might not support the right processes, there might be overburden, or lack of proper onboarding, feedback or ability to delegate tasks (see situational leadership) .

The message could be that that person, it could be you, it could be them, are just in the wrong place.