#Quo Vadis for 2023

Dear #CEO Quo Vadis for 2023!
Once again you and your team will begin the process of planning your strategy for 2023 and perhaps beyond.

Here are a few quick take-aways to consider before you start
🥅 How well have you aligned your sales and production teams so as to ensure customers receive product on-time.
🥅 Are you going for flow by heijunka leveling sales order dates with production availability slots. this applies to service type organisations too.
🥌 Are you treating your maintence department as a cost or a critical contributor to production availability and quality which will give you volume and focusing continually on reducing unit cost treating as much of maintenance as a direct variable cost ! only for the true TPS people that one! no TPM needed just common sense.
🥌 Is your lean transformation integral with your hosinkanri deployment or is it an add on! ups !
🥇What will your strategy say about this; How you will Engage people through developing them through problem solving thereby giving you continous improvement in business results.
💪 What are your strategic plans to improve the understanding, practice and coaching of yourself and your top team in serving the rest of the teams through thier daily management. This has to mean you all need to work on your behavioural habits and your lean coaching skills. Yes, the fish rots at the head and there is no silver bullet in lean.

🌍 What will you do and your company in supporting others so they have for example water.
I have provided free online strategic and operational support to clients this year, clients have paid directly into the #waterforsouthsudan charity and we raised 5,000 usd. we need 15ths usd to build a water well. Would you like to partner on a few calls so we help others in South Africa.
contact me.

⛵️ Quo Vadis lets sail together so others can have a little chance of what we take for granted, interested, contact me on linkedin directly please.