Quo Vadis - 'Where are you going?'

Every storm in our lives is an opportunity to reflect on our direction, once again, set the compass north and head for the light ahead. Lumen sapientis.

16 Habits for Lean Leaders – from mediocrity to meaning & purpose.
A post COVID-19 approach to managing yourself and others to a better future.

A leader's dilemmas are many

Where will our organisation find itself in 3 months-time, in 6 months-time?. In order to give ourselves and our organisation a chance of being in a better place, perhaps we should immerse ourselves into, The 16 Habits of Lean leaders!
What Strategy should we be following and who best to involve in creating and delivering that strategy?
Will our Cash-flow survive another lock-down which inevitably means a down-turn for our business!
What will happen to our sales, will we need to diversify again and look for new products, customers and sales channels?
Where should we draw a line with our Fixed costs. How many employees should we be employing in the next few months.
Am I really up to this job! Who can I turn to for support?
High OPEX, a diminishing EBITDA, a stressed out workforce, what about me, the leader, how can I find inspiration which will give meaning and purpose for myself, my employees and my family?
Sounds familiar? The 16 Habits are not a miraculous cure to all our problems but do give us an opportunity to create a structured path to follow for meaning and purpose in these chaotic times.

Look out for future posts and the launch of the new online programme for leaders. The 16 Habits of Lean Leaders.