Yokoten Workshop

How to manufacture a product which meets customer requirements with less work and expenses and at the same time with a lower number of mistakes? How to simplify production processes in a company, increasing their efficiency? These issues, among others, were the subject of workshops which took place on 10-11 April 2019 in Lublin.

The workshop was performed by Carl Klemm, former President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland. In his previous work Mr. Klemm was responsible for the practical implementation of Toyota Production System and lean manufacturing philosophy, in order to achieve the quality built into the production process, and therefore produce cars and engines that meet the highest requirements of customers. Although lean was developed in a Japanese manufacturing company, its principles are successfully implemented by many companies operating in various industries.

The April workshops were addressed to the management and production directors of Lublin’s industrial companies and had a very practical character. During the first day, the participants had a gemba walk, getting to know the processes taking place in Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Poland Sp. z o.o. and INTROGRAF S.A. and trying to identify waste or ways in which they were eliminated. During the second day, after a kind of hansei, which in lean methodology means self-reflection, the participants met to discuss the situations observed the day before. They focused on the role of management in running industrial companies, building a culture of problem solving through employee involvement and ways to improve business performance.

Workshops are another event organized as part of the series called: YOKOTEN – sharing good practices, organized by the Lublin Automotive and Machine Upland Foundation and Lean Leadership Way Institute Poland, managed by Mark Forkun.

The partners of the event were Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Poland Sp. z o.o. and INTROGRAF S.A.