1-day S&OP and Andon workshop – March 2020 – join us.

The workshops are very practical and are dedicated to the management and production directors. Apart from the theoretical part, they include a gemba walk in two production plants of Roztocze ZUP Roman Rak and WSK Tomaszów Lubelski.

The range of topics of the workshops is very wide and includes such issues as:

  1. Why does Macbeth have to check the FACTS?
  2. Improving the production plan
  3. The role of the central planner
  4. Line balancing – time challenges of the proces
  5. Flexible line – challenges for people
  6. JIT of raw materials – what should be considered?
  7. What is Andon and how does he work?
  8. Why does Andon have a significant impact on building a good working culture in the company?
  9. Andon examples on projects such as Obeya, A3, OPL and shift/management meetings.

The number of participants in the workshops is very limited – so book your tickets now.

The program, regulations and tickets are available on the website: https://app.evenea.pl/event/yokoten-warsztaty