Dear #CEO  – Tales from the #boardroom
Too often we see #SQDC as something to have on a white board to measure only performance or #kpis
However, what they will not tell you is this.

1.  SQDC is also a #standardwork for #kaizen opportunities as a procedure for all leadership to follow as a “Role Development Requirement  – RDR”, when they make their process decisions.
2.  The order of making decisions always starts with S- Safety for our employees, then,
3.  Q – Quality for our C – Customers, then,
4.  Delivery on time for our Customers and finally, last
5.  C – Costs. Yes, the business needs always come last.

What is also misunderstood is that SQDC refers not only to Process but above all to People Care.
The pictorial below demonstrates that
“Development of People during Problem Solving in Improving Business Performance” also includes SQDC as a framework for leaders to follow as a RDR in building the right DNA culture within the organisation.

I see it is there in the #toyotaway which “surrounds” TPS.
1.  Policy must come before Expediency in both People and Process scenarios.
2.  Building your DNA Organisational Culture must focus on the “Role” not the “Responsibilities” of all leaders.

It is really worth holding development workshops to discuss what we mean by Policy and Expediency, in practice and how this applies to Process and Behaviour aligned with SQDC.

On the subject of SQDC please visit our link to the Sudan water project and make a contribution.