#Building authority on the shop floor

Dear #CEO
How do our leaders build #authority on the shop floor ?
💪Building authority is not something you get by your position in then company. That should be made clear to anyone who moves to any role where they manage people.
💪 It’s also not associated with what car you drive or how much you earn.
💪Authority is based on you’re #teambuilding skills. your ability to make decisions, to receive and give #feedback.
💪On going to #genba and actually knowing what to do there. We often say go to the place of work, but if you have not been #coached in #lean#behaviors you could be making a pigs breakfast of how you present yourself.
💪#genchigenbutsu is little understood, but this is where you really check whether your leaders/managers are really doing their job
💪Build #trust by being #honest and #sincere and if you don’t know the answer to something, just say so and get back to that person when you do.
💪Do your own #leaderstandardwork just as you would expect from everyone else.
💪 Learn to #listen (that means shut up and listen to what people are trying to say to you).
💪Treat everyone with #respectforpeople again this is completely misunderstood, get a lean #sensei coach to teach you why standard work, #quality and #takt are part of respect for people.
💪 Practice #mendoumi everyday and make sure you do this regularly. Again get a lean coach to teach you this amazing skill.
💪The most difficult #humility . You will never learn the true meaning of this word but start.
💪Think more about #celebratingsuccess small wins and #coaching in #problemsolvingskills when things go wrong.
🖕 If you want to blame someone, start with beating yourself up first.

🍒👍 🍒👍 🍒 Thank you to the persons and companies that have contributed to date to our Water for #southsudan project.

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