#Total People Management at pre-shift meetings

Dear #CEO
Have you ever entered a passenger airplane !?

Did you notice who is standing at the entrance, do they look you in the eye, do they welcome you?
Do you know why they do this?
Do you know when and by whom this study was conducted by !?
Yes this is a part of the leader TPS training.

If you start your pre-shift and production meetings with figures, numbers, graphs and incidents, you are not following best practice in building a lean, CI culture at work.

Do you know what you should now do as the first “Quality Touch Point” – QTP in light of Engaging members before they start the shift!?
So, who is psychologically present, greet them, review the condition of your team. Employees offer you their 8 hours, their hands, their heads, some even thier hearts. Did you review, engage and develop their minds, right from the very first meeting !?

The Key Point of all pre-shift meetings is to start with Total People Management by a Quality Touch Point before we start work.
Simple, but yet completely unheard of, misunderstood by so many lean specialists, managers, leaders and academics.

Now do we understand that Lean is much more than scientific management, much more.