Business Optimisation Solutions for 2023




Company Investors, Supervisory Boards, Businesses Owners and Management Board members are demanding a more proactive and co-ordinated role between the finance, operational and sales teams.

Department leaders need to be able to better utilise the company resources and increase the competitiveness and flexibility of all operations. This requires from management three skill sets of any leader.

  1. The ability to competently analyse and act on the daily operational reports, derived from key activities in production, purchasing, sales, quality, maintenance, accounting and logistics.
  2. Practice daily the leadership role as expected in a dynamic business environment whilst focused on a continuous improvement culture at work.
  3. The ability to see the holistic picture of who we are as a business and as a group of people. How we operate compared to yesterday and with reference to the future state of the business. How we grow as individuals, as teams and as an organisation.


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Below is a list of solutions which can be delivered to suit your needs as either advisory, workshops, reviews or coaching and mentoring services.

Optimising the Profit & Loss Account. Strengthening the Balance Sheet & Stabilising the Cash-flows.

By improving our ability to analyse and report, we will be able to make timely business decisions, provide competitive offers, design new products and services for our customers. Generate higher returns on our investments to our competitors. All the services and programmes listed below have had significant improvement in the financial results for our clients.

In today’s world, it seems most companies now have some form of lean specialist or expert in their team. Many organisations already have invested in the fundamentals of lean process improvement and leadership skills. Below, we have provided a list of programmes and services aiming at the higher level of Lean management.

Based on our experience within Toyota and working with many hundreds of firms, we have designed the following services and programmes for the most demanding of Clients.

Introducing lean process improvement is the part most companies start with when they embark on a lean management journey. However, we all know that a business is a group of people, working together, to form a work culture which should support any lean process initiatives.

Based on our Lean Leadership Development Programme which we developed and implemented at Toyota and many other companies, we will show you how important it is to learn the behaviours, skills and habits of being a true lean leader in practice, at all levels.

Managing an organisation is no easy task. Management have many competing goals, challenges and forces. Each and every day can be a fire-fighting exercise in jugging priorities. Often the senior management team don’t have the time nor support they need to be the role leader they set out to be. Circumstances, chaos, frustration, shifting goals and tiredness all have their toll on the senior management team.
We know what this is like and that is why the programmes and services we have provided below are for the senior and c-suite executives and leaders to utilise for their benefit.

Advisory – Workshop – Coaching - Mentoring