#Quality Touch Points

Dear #CEO,
Do you work through your day in a calm spirit?

A calm and gentle approach to the moments in your day will impact you and your team as well as the long term results of your organisation, your health and your well-being.

In lean we discover the Habit of QTP – Quality Touch Points.

Literature on Quality and Assurance of, is everywhere. What about the Quality of the contact moment you had with that team member a few minutes ago!

Quality is a state of mind and a built in process fixed by an agreed cycle time. However, there is little point in just focusing on the process when your behaviour is nervous, agitated, frustrated.

If Quality is a state of mind, start with your calmness, be gentle.

No Culture building program ever works without Andon.

Andon works when the member feels psychologically safe, knows when to “pull” the Andon and has a direct line supervisor who is willing and able to positively support the member.

Problem solving is more than a tool and a process. Problem solving is just as much about how and how often you meet. In-fact any D4, D8, A3, OPL, 5W, QRQC has to be supported by the right behaviours and habits.

Building Exceptional Organisational performance starts with your habits.

Move through your day in peace and practice being calmer.

We desperately need leadership which allows us to find meaning and purpose at work.