#The purpose of daily shift meetings

Dear #CEO
What is the purpose of the daily shift meeting?
👉Every one will tell you it’s to go through the daily KPI’s starting from #safety, then #quality#delivery and #cost, followed by #kaizen and possibly #environmentalimpact from yesterday, the #goals for today and the #problemsolving encountered.
👉 What they won’t tell you is this;

👀 The first thing to do is look who came to work today.
💪 Just because you have 10 people standing in front of you does not mean you have 10 people who are ready to work. Obvious isn’t it!.
💪Look at their #bodylanguage . What does it tell you ?
💪Where are they standing in relation to the board (assuming its not online but in person) meeting.
💪Rotate who runs the meeting
💪Can they actually hear what you are saying
💪 What are their eyes fixed on during the meeting
💪 You should be able to get through 50-70 #kpis and the Problem action list as well as the safety cross if we are holding a #productionmanagement meeting in 15 to 20 minutes. much less of course for a line shift meeting.
💪Make sure everyone turns up on time
💪Don’t ever make notes in your note book/diary during the meeting. (I tell CEO’s, managers, shift leaders this they don’t believe its reasonable. After 1 week, they never make notes again).
💪Finish the meeting in the alloted time, never go over the set time.
💪 Put some life into your voice and body language.
💪 Don’t be aggressive, sarcastic, rude, treat everyone with #respect.
🍒 How can you expect exceptional results for 8 hours with your attitude!!!! (would you want to work with someone with your attitude, no , right then)
👍Confused, disagree, think its rubbish, then you most probably are not talking to the right people.
🍒Think about it, what is the point of holding a pre-shift meeting or a production meeting if people are not engaged and you don’t even see or feel this and you make things worse.

INSPRIE – GENERATE – ENGAGE that is how you start a meeting.
The KPI’s, goals and problem boards are ONLY the outcomes of what #people#think#feel and how you #behave. (yes, #standardwork#andon and so on and so on. No, get to know your people, give them #meaning and #purpose

Simple but really effective in creating #engagement#selfreliance and #problemsolvingskills “all day every day”.