Dear #CEO
What is #quality without all the theory and books on #tqm
I fully respect and support the lean quality movement.
What repeated client experience has shown me is this.
👀 Quick wins often overlooked through no fault of management on quality are:

💪 Are your line and shift supervisors spending too much time in the office and not enough time on production, where quality is created or decimated !
💪 Stick to the rule, Supervisor spends 80% of time at #genba, 20% of time not in Genba.
💪Once at Genba do they really know what they are doing, do you know what they are doing?
💪 Are Supervisors following Supervisor Standard Work, better know as Minimum Job Role – MJR!
💪 80% at genba with no MJR is just a wondering soul at Genba!
💪 Whether you have Standard Operating Procedure – Work – #SOP for operators which backs up your #standardwork or not is one thing, but SOP is not really stable and effective without Supervisor 80% and MJR.
💪 Building Leader Authority is also linked to 80% and MJR. In other words, your team sees you in action and you are effective. That builds on #respect and #authority
💪 Add #visualmanagement and get operators to define their own KPI’s on the white board, hold real standup meetings and you are more in control in building your #management#credibility and the business results.
Building Leader Authority and achieveing consistent results is not as difficult as you might think!