#Snake Workers

Dear #CEO 

Snake workers poison organisational culture and performance.
Everyone of us has a snake character within us, it is our will whether we use it. Who and where are the snakes in your organisation.

Typical characteristics, traits and behaviours:

Snake workers are clever and if they find themselves in senior management positions you are done with every building an organisational culture around respects, trust and business performance.
Snake workers look you in the eye without moving their face muscles. If they smile it means the venom is ready. They will stab you in the back when you are not watching.

They are competent at some specific aspect of their job but often the position they hold requires them to have much greater competences than they will ever possess. In order to hide this they will have an air of arrogance and cold authority. They will delegate badly and find fault in others when something goes wrong.

This group typically presents 10% of the workforce and contributes 10% value. In other words, they are a minority in the organisation and their value added is insufficient to the needs of the organisation. Snakes can be found everywhere in the grass, at the operational level they bring about disengagement and discontent. At senior levels of management they breed malevolence and mediocre organisational performance. Deming seven deadly sins warned against this type of stakeholder.