#Organization culture, kaizen & hansei

Dear #CEO – Tales from the #boardroom
What does  #organisationalculture #leadership  #enterprisekaizen  and  #hansei have in common?
We all fail each day, at work, on the road, at home. We quickly recognise the failings in others, but how good are we at judging ourselves! I do all the time.
Some leaders are #vindictive and punish others for their mistakes, even if they are great mistakes and errors of judgement.
Some leaders practice #intelligent thinking and move on, leaving the past mistakes of others in the past, even if it means parting ways.
Some leaders practice #kindness and #humility are forgive and move on. More often than not the person in error will learn the most.
What kind of leader are you, vindictive, intelligent or kind and forgiving?.
Its easy to start a war at work or at home, to reck someone’s life, isn’t it.
All #enterprisekaizen starts with self-reflection #hansei .
All great organisational cultures start with you, your #habits , your kindness, your humility.
You demonstrate more leadership and #respectforpeople by managing aggression, malevolence and vindictiveness if you focus on your personal #hoshin . But you cannot do this alone!

Do not rely on #human#schools of thought on leadership behaviour. This is a blind alleyway for you.
#scientificmethod thinking, #leanthinking are simply human schools of thought as mechanisms for leadership, management, life skills. Even insidious wrapped in advanced management and #psychological verbiage.
 They are incomplete and devoid of including the #spirit which will advance you in the highest order of #contemplation leading to the right actions in your daily activities.
Question who is really supporting you or steering you!