#Vampire Workers

Dear #CEO 

Vampire workers not only poison the organisational culture but destroy other workers.

Typical characteristics, traits and behaviours
The general rule is that the larger the organisation the greater possibilities there are for a Vampire worker to flourish. Once a Vampire always a Vampire, it is as if the very Soul of the person is unclean.

Many of us have experienced working with people who sap energy out of us, a Vampire worker is more than that, they are deceitful, they excel in self-glory in having power and seeing others suffer.

They seek out people who are easy to manipulate and cannot stand up for themselves. The more they sap out of you the more energy they have.

Vampire workers values are around deceit, destruction and malevolence. They will not be honest nor will they own up to any errors in their work or support you in your goals. They will play psychological games and can be extremely dangerous to the entire organisation particularly if holding a senior position.
Conditions of fright, fatigue, uncertainty, nervousness, unease, stress and feeling exhausted are felt by workers who encounter such a person at work.

Almost without exception, Vampire workers outwardly demonstrate a high competency in a specific area, but the discerning person will see that this often is a shroud in incompetence, where in-fact, they hide their mistakes and use others to do their work for them.

Vampire workers typically represent 10% of all employees in large organisations. The most noticeable ones who are most destructive in corporate wellbeing represent 1% of all employees. Smaller organisations seldom have active Vampires who will assume the role of a Snake worker.
Vampire workers make a net negative contribution to the business, as shown below. If you cannot avoid or sack a Vampire, leave the organisation.