Tip of the month – The role of the Managing Director.

It is nearly the end of the eleventh month of the year and I’m sure your team(s) will meet tomorrow at the boards to discuss the KPIs and challenges of the passing month. This is a great opportunity for you to take part in such a meeting and show your involvement and support for them.

It’s important to us.

This is also the time to celebrate and remind the team of the importance of the daily meetings at the boards. So what can be done at tomorrow’s meeting with your team(s)?

  1. The presence of the top management at the team meeting about the KPI and Problem Solving is a clear signal that the management is interested in what is happening.
  2. This time can be used by the management to observe the meeting, what is happening, and at the end of this 20-25 minute session to pass on their thoughts and observations.
  3. Congratulate the team on its performance, especially when they have outperformed their targets.
  4. Show, that management appreciates that employees arrive on time and attend Board meetings.
  5. Recall that one of the very important goals of the meetings at the Boards is to improve communication in the team. Apart from discussing difficult topics, the meetings also fulfil the human need to meet, talk, listen, understand, appreciate and learn about the opinions of another person/employee.
  6. Different topics are discussed during daytime meetings. We know that these ‘standing’ meetings are not for solving problems (looking for causes and solutions), but for registering, communicating and addressing a problem/challenge.
  7. They also help to remind every employee of our responsibility to be safe at work all the time. No matter how fast we need to deliver a ‘product’ to the customer, safety is paramount. Remember that we want our employees to come home safe and sound after work.
  8. At the end of the meeting it is worth thanking the team for their support and involvement.

If you can’t…

If you can’t attend the end-of-month meeting, give this task to someone who will represent you. If this is not possible, it is worth sending an email that can be read by the leader of the Board meeting.

A signal needed for the action to be taken.

This is a very clear signal that we are with you, we remind, we acknowledge, we are interested in what you are doing here. Continue these meetings on a daily basis, they are really important. Thank you for that.