#Self-reflection and humility of lean leaders

Dear #CEO 

Lean Leaders practice self-reflection and humility every day.

There are many Habits which a Sensei practices so as to be the right example for others.

Remember we are all imperfect, but we are destined to stand-up and try again until the last day. Hope is a virtue.

  • Be kind to everyone, unconditionally, RESPECT.
  • Practice sincerity and forgiveness, others do towards you, TRUST
  • Learn to understand, by practicing HANSEI.
  • Learn to see, with an EDUCATED EYE.
  • Learn to call for help or support, ANDON
  • Learn to listen, its not about winning the argument or being right,
  • Learn to give and learn to share, YOKOTEN.
  • Learn to gain acceptance , NEMAWASHI.
  • Learn to improve, starting with yourself – CI self at your GENBA.

Its all there if you learn to understand, in the Toyota Production System – TPS.