#Quality touch point

Dear #CEO 

What is Your Quality-Touch-Point !?

A QTP is a Habit.
It permeates throughout the organisation.
It builds your culture, the way we do things around here.

Too much Problem Solving focuses on the tool, ridding the problem and too little on; the habits, principles and behaviours in engaging the team, and in learning from the PPS excercise so that the problem does not return. work standard, standard work, standards.

The problem is not the PPS tool the problem could be your lack of QTP.

At work we “touch” people through shift meetings, emails, production meetings, problem-solving meetings, SMED and so on.

What was the quality of how your touch-points recently!?
What were your motives!?
Goals, KPI need to be realised, but the road, the way we achieve them is just as important as the goal itself.

Reflection Learning Point RLP:
Each of us been given a free will. You too!
Be accountable for your free-will today, in the moment of the Quality-Touch-Point.

You decide how you realise your business goals, your KPI your material wealth, position, power and self-relisation.
Good to practice the old Hansei skills too.