#Operational measurements

Dear #CEO
What typical operational measurements would you
create with the team leaders, planners and Supervisors?
Let us assume we are focusing on production in say
tooling, casting, paint shop, press, pre-production preparation, assembly.
👀 I recommend creating on the white board, for the daily shift or and production meetings, with the operational team, the following metrics which then can then be converted, on a weekly or monthly basis to KPI’s, which will of course relate to the KPI’s higher up in the organisation. its a learning process, not necessary to do all metrics in one go. PDCA.
💪 Planned and Actual output (pieces, cars, orders….) for each shift.
💪 Number of and unplanned total down-time for each shift.
💪 Number of rework and #quality defects, not planned of course.
💪 Number of Planned to Actual #smed and total time for the SMED for each shift.
💪Number of Planned against Actual members who attended the shift, with information on number of holiday and number of sick-leave.
💪Number of members who worked overtime and the total worked overtime.
💪#standardwork #WIP against actual at beginning and end of each shift.
💪Number of #andon (on separate board) the nature and problem solving surrounding the Andon’s. Can include #kaizens
💪 Number of delayed orders and total time of delayed orders.
💪Planned stoppages for maintenance and the Actual stoppages, with times given.
💪 Number of Safety concerns, there is a string of metrics here. The most serious one of course is accidents. Note: companies that report number of days with no accidents or incidents, is a serious accident in itself. Its a falacy. You want members to have the #educated #eye to notice near misses and incidents, not cover them up.
💪Number of missing items for raw materials or late deliveries.
🍒 So there you have SQDC covered more or less.
👀 Please remember, #expediency of anyleader is making sure the order S, then, Q, then D then finally C is retained.
Never in any other order.
S- #safety is for our members always first.
Q- #quality is for client and it must come next. I have often seen companies force product out the door just to meet the deadline and compromise quality!.
D – #delivery is for client and comes after quality, always. I don’t know a client who prefers to have #ontimedelivery but turns a blind eye to quality.
C – is cost and that is the business. Always last. I have heard leadership say no we must always make profit and margins and all the above we deal with simultaneously. Big mistake. So I ask one question, do you have overtime, er, yes, comes the reply. So why do you have overtime, er, to meet the order. hm, does that reduce your margin, oh! 😯
Visual management in the #valuestream at #genba I always
create the numbers with the people there who with their hands and hearts and heads do the work. The thing is what happens here gets reported up there at L2, L3 and L4. But L4 is a result of process and behaviours towards members down there.