#Mistakes in production management

Dear #CEO
“Why did the British car industry so dramatically fail in the 70’s and 80’s?”.

🚘The reasons are many. One is exactly what Deming was saying at that time about American business.
🚘 I personally saw the Cowley plant in the 70’s as a young technical engineer. It seemed to me to be overrun by;
🚘Incompetent, arrogant management and Unions that were set for destroying the business for their own individual gains.
🚘 Shop floor workers, especially the foreigners, who had lost their youth, homes and families, who had come over after WW2 were treated with total disrespect, no training or advancement. So many had great potential but no one to offer them a hand.
🚘 How much has changed in today’s production floor management system?.
🚘Many years ago I made a decision to somehow treat shop floor people, with dignity, respect, trust, development. My work at Toyota showed me you can be exceptionally profitable, develop people through problem solving and show them respect.
🚘 I hope the Cowley plant gets its chip supply soon.