#Mapping your processes

Dear #CEO
How do you map your processes.

It’s not too dissimilar to charting your sailing route.

  • You map where you are going to sail to some port for example.
  • You check the weather, the boat, you brief the crew.
  • You plan how you leave the harbour Dock.
  • During the process you continously improve your processes, information flow and who does what how.
  • You modify your course according to the progress, the goal and the environment surrounding the boat.
  • You build team communication, self reliance, engagement and solving problems.
  • You discuss and agree how to enter the harbour.
  • You practice maneuvers, man overboard, charting, weather, depth, sail trim, safety.
  • You do a post process sail review, let’s call it, one point lesson OPL.
  • We practice andon and standard work particularly during a race. SOP is carried always, each time we do a manoeuvre.
  • We practice problem solving.
  • We visual management the course on a small white board.
  • We kaizen knots, procedures, harbouring, engine checks.
  • We enjoy and celebrate.

How do you process your map?