#Learning organisation

Dear #CEO
“We want to become a #learning organisation. One where we really focus on developing the #organisationalculture,  #employeeengagement and #motivation will make a significant influence on our #business results”.

😱”Really!”. That’s so good news. So lets start now, shall we !

🏆Rule 1 – The most important lesson in becoming a learning orginisation is to start with the most difficult place. “where is that?”
🏆Rule 2 – Thats you by the way.
🏆Rule 3 – Change out of your suit put on some clothes like the rest of the people who build the product here and come with me to Genba.
🏆Rule 4 – You will never become anything like a Toyota company. But you can become a better learning orginisation tommorow by 0,1% if you just learn something from today’s genba visit. And that IS something, actually better then zero, from where you were yesterday.
🏆Rule 5 – 2 hours at Genba focusing on the right things you will learn more then you have in the past 10 years running this business. Its a promise.
🏆 Rule 6 – You don’t need a lean transformation, nor a Hoshin Kanri or a Strategic HR business model.
🏆Rule 7 – IF, you like what you began to see and learn at GENBA, you might like to consider the 16 habits of lean leaders.
🏆Rule 8 – But then #culture and #leadership and #learning you say is for them, you are the CEO, #leadershipdevelopment is what you need to set in motion for them. Oh, I see, sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number.

Habit 1 is “learn to lead by being #humble“, the most difficult but rewarding #virtue a leader can have.