#Lean for 2022

Dear #CEO
What lean approach should we be having, #point#kaizen or #enterprise#kaizen meaning #leantransformation for 2022 and beyond?.
👉 To cut to the chase, checklist your organisation to the following questions:

👉 Go for Point Kaizen, in other words, make improvements in one or two areas of the business, were you are having problems, like #productionmanagement#planningandscheduling , #qualityimprovement , #leadtimes , #maintenancemanagement#salesenablement
👉 IF, your answers are yes to most of the following points, use the above approach.

🤬 You have an important bonus to achieve at the end of the year
🤬 Results are more important than the way they are achieved.
🤬 Your boss is process driven who really does not have people skills, like honesty, integrity and respect, unless its towards their own boss!
😡 Short term thinking, short term goals and management by objectives is the thing.
😡 #employeeengagement and #motivation are for people with their heads in fairyland.
😡 Your company has investors who see the balance sheet but not the people, culture who make the numbers and all that nonsense!
😡 You think you might loose your job in the next 12 to 24 months.

👉 Go for Enterprise kaizen or lean transformation if the following are things c-suite want to personally get involved in and understand them deeply (or intend to learn!)

💪 #leanprinciples deployed methodologically over time, are the #competitiveadvantage for the successful #executionmanagement of your #businessstrategy – they want this and pledge to start with themselves!
💪 The culture of thinking and working is The Way not the goal, so no MBO here.
💪 Your organisational structure follows, value stream cross-functional teams and includes #respectforpeople and #trustbasedleadership
💪 Your #CFO employs #leanaccounting reporting, not traditional accounting, so not your normal bean counter.
💪 Your top #leanleadership mixer and shaker is the CEO or nr 2 in the business. In otherwords, they are serious about lean.
💪 You are about evolving together not causing a revolution.
💪 You want to #selfactualise the people, which will inturn lead to your business  being #worldclass
💪 You are serious about leaving your #competitors way behind.