#Lean as a goal for your business?

Dear #CEO
“Why do you want to introduce lean as a goal for your business!”. “We then talked about the word #courage and what this means in a #leadershipdevelopment capacity”. Here are a few notes I made after our meeting.

🙈Lean can never be the goal. #Lean is a means to an end.
🙈Lean can be the methodology. I must add as an ex Toyota person, I don’t know what lean is but I have a reasonable idea what the #toyotaway is and #TPS.
🙈 Your #goalsetting should focus on the needs of your employees, customers and stakeholders.
😯#courageousleadership is a verb. I learn’t that from a wise woman. You can’t do courage standing still.
😯Courage is a motion, where you follow your heart. Follow the good voice the one which will allow you to pick-up your cross and do the right thing.
❤️ Being a CEO is a major moral responsibility to lead others.

Are you ready?