#Leading key performance indicators

Dear #CEO 

What are your leading key performance indicators!?

“Your success here will be measure on three performance figures, employee engagement, furthering member self reliance and developing member problem solving skills”.

Those were the words of the CEO to me.

“We will measure, at appropriate intervals, employee engagement with; member surveys, Observations at genba, the number of kaizen delivered and andon calls and causes of. Related inappropriate behaviours too, if applicable.

Self-reliance by: monitoring the realisation of the Member competency matrix MCM and monthly member review reports.

The Problem Solving skills will be measured by a collection of reoccurring problems, quality approach to the process and behaviours to problem solving as well as quality assurance results”.

“Overall, the lagging kpi will show up in the SPQD performance reports”.

“You see, if you have members that want to come to work, rather than, need to come to work, are developed in a sincere and trusting environment, which gives rise to respect, challenged according to their abilities, and are independent or inter-dependent problem solvers, what more could you really want from an employee!?”.

“Well”, I blurted out, “I don’t know, yes it sounds right. But my tps process tool kit has too few tools right now….”.

The CEO, respectfully smiles and adds this statement.
“You see, we will teach you the tps tools and principles, but those you can have in your toolbox but they are of little use on their own”.

“Oh, yes, um…. I…”. I tried to formulate an intelligent response, but once again, had just sufficient humility to hold back and continue to listen.

“What really drives business performance are a leaders habits, his behaviours, his attitude towards his own self, then to the team. Values you cannot teach at work. A good Sensei, teacher coach, will influence others by their words, habits and behaviours. These things we believe you have demonstrated, coming here”.

“You open your toolbox and start using the habits and behaviours, we will support you and develop your process tools”.

4,700 members are waiting for you and the team, so yokoten away.

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