#Leadership accountability

Dear #CEO, Leading to serve others,
Leadership accountability is about serving others and has an enormous responsibility on your shoulders. Its not about #kpis, Bonuses, #mbo and #strategy that an #mba will force feed you.

👀 #PrincipledLeanLeadership is perhaps what you might like to look at.
Whilst in the business trenches for many years, leading many different organisations, I was becoming more aware of how being a leader is a #gift and a #mission in provide #meaning and #purpose for others this way realising their hidden potential.

But this did not mean for me, just in work, because what happens at work influences the quality of private, family life to a great extent.

After climbing up the wrong #Maslow’s hierarchical Pyramid, I seriously examined which pyramid I should be climbing up!

As my #hansei developed, I was able to provide far more lean #process#kaizen performance and leadership Kaizen in behaviour towards the teams I was leading.
One day, I had an epiphany, God asked me this question.
One day I will ask you, where do you think you were in my Heavenly plan for you, whilst you were on Earth? And second question, what was your motivation for behaving the way you did. Yes, the motivation behind our actions and behaviours is the key question.

Were you a shop floor member, a team leader, a group leader, or perhaps a leader much higher up in the Global Performance System – GPS, God’s Performance System. Did you serve others according to the My Vision, Mission and values?

You cannot treat business as business and the purpose of the life you have been given as two distinct and separate paths. There is one path, which one are you on!

Being a leader of any team or organisation means you have been given enormous responsibility and you will be accountable for your thoughts, words and actions. Yes, the camera’s have been installed and are watching you!
So Dear leaders, can I encourage you to view your #Role as a Leader more in line with that which is intended for you, so that you can bring, joy, hope, meaning and purpose to others. And you know, like me, you have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we!

P.S. there is nothing wrong in making money, lots of it, but it’s how you make it that makes the difference. What is your #motivation?