#16 key points to effective production meeting?

Dear #CEO 

How long and effective are your Production meetings? Some companies hold weekly, some daily production meetings.
Here are my 16 Key Points on effective Production meetings:

  1. Present: Plant Director, Production, Engineering, Technology, Tooling, Planning, Maintenance, Purchasing, Safety, Warehouse, Quality, Lean Coordinator
  2. Standup only, maximum time 25 minutes if daily, 40 minutes if weekly or bi-weekly.
  3. Hand-written on white board prior to meeting. limit presentation slides. (Muda). Electronic KPIs useful but impersonal.
  4. Stand-in must be if no department manager available
  5. Facts based discussions, no opinions allowed. Focus on SPQDC.
  6. No notes taken during meeting, every goes on the Action-to-do board.
  7. One board for safety, one for leading indicators – KPI, one for Action-to-do board. Red is NOK, Green Ok, Black for target/goal.
  8. No phone interuptions or lap tops at meetting.
  9. Any one point discussion above 2 minutes is moved over as subject for after meeting huddle group discussion.
  10. Go do Genchi Genbutsu if something is not clear straight after meeting.
  11. Rotate who runs meetings – for development of people.
  12. Always think JIT Kanban Flow otherwise you are loosing focus.
  13. Always show respect and mutual trust.
  14. Meetings are not only about numbers but about relationships, smile, look people in the eye, welcome them, engage, be positive. Do TPM Total People Maintenance at meeting.
  15. Turn up on time, ready to go
  16. Thank everyone for the meeting.

I have a behaviour, Habits approach to lean. I treat pre-shift and production meetings as an opportunity to develop and engage people.
Results come when you engage the Hands, the head and the heart.
Quality Assurance starts with the daily meeting.