#Does the strategy ‘I want it my way’ works in your company?

Dear #CEO
Do you operate an ‘I want it my way’ Academy at work?

For some strange reason we find leaders, of all ranks, insisting they want to transform their business their way using their principles and knowledge.

Some leaders even don’t like the idea of asking them open questions and holding Genba coaching sessions.
Yet, when things go wrong, they simply do not see it as a problem that could have been avoided with no cost, only the cost of humility and hansei.

Another phenomenon is promotion. Once a leader is promoted it seems that reason is thrown to the wind.
Building informal authority through being humble, listening reflecting and understanding suddenly seem less important than their new rank.

It was Taichii Ohno who said no problem is a problem. I ascertain all problems start with lack of humility, pride, which leads to malevolence and mediocrity instead of meaning and purpose which are key Leadership habits.

Perhaps business schools should start with such old fashioned virtues and habits such as:
-humility, hansei, ability to listen, team building, forgiveness, empathy, problem solving habits and principles, andon and focus later on strategy finance and HR.

What boat are you sailing !?