#Do you focus on your task or see the faults of others?

Dear #CEO,

Do you use a Lean Sensei Coach to develop yourself!?

Regular and systematic practice of Humility and Self-reflection (Hansei) are no longer popular today, its been replaced by pride and self-gratification, two tenants from wokeism, an umbrella for post modernist Marxism or communism 2.0.

Yes, we are all influenced by it, the cancer spreads.

Here is a Lean Sensei learning point.

One day a young, ambitious, hard working, well meaning, leader of a production facility, approached his mentor. A truly seasoned Toyota master sensei.

He sat down with the humble distinguished Sensei, felt safe and the calming aura of his presence.
Sensei San, he said, meaning Simon San, his apprehension had mixed up his words.
Simon San, I feel frustrated, sometimes I feel like I’m at a loss.
I see people, good people, well intentioned people criticise others behind their backs. They don’t keep to their own standard work.
Their Daily Management Practice is just not happening. They see faults in others but not in themselves, what should I do, he asked in exasperation .
Take a glass and fill it to the brim with clean, fresh water. walk around the perimeter of the factory 3 times, making sure you don’t spill one drop of precious water.
Then come back to me, and I will help you.
puzzled , the young man did as his sensei suggested.
He very carefully, walked 3 times around the factory, not spilling even one drop of water from his glass.
Now, said his Sensei. How many people did you see not perform their Daily Management Practice, or criticise others.
Well none, said the young leader, I was so focused on not spilling one drop of precious clean water from my glass.
Yes exactly you were focused on your task, so you did not see the faults of others.

Extract from my book ‘Leading to Serve’.