#Closing down the factory

Dear #CEO
❓ “How can I close one production plant whilst promoting the implementation of #bestpractices in line with The #toyotaway ?”.

📢I will have to let go nearly 3,000 people all based in a small town, making up 20% of its population, not including suppliers!”.

🔑 This is a true test of #leadership , We need to practice #respectforpeople #trust and #memberengagement and #care.
🔑 The question is not whether you should close the factory, the question is HOW you close the factory.
🔑If #business analysis and your #strategy shows you need to close, then you need to close the plant. But,
🔑 HOW you close the plant will be a test of your True North leadership, in practice. Inform the workforce,
🔑 Prepare them through trainings, outplacement, CV prep, meetings.
🔑 #motivation and #safetyculture as well as #productivity need to be maintained but also it is YOUR responsibility to live the values within “The Way” you lead your organisation.
#Resizing the business is nothing new, what is new is the right attitude according to a set of values you do not compromise. If you, do, then who are YOU!.
🔑#personaldevelopment starts with YOU.
🔑 #culture starts with YOU.

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