#Can you reduce lead time on production?

Dear #CEO, are you reducing lead time on continuous and one off production by 30% within 4 months?

Most common response I hear is; “it’s not possible”, “we could never do this without financial investment”, “not with this team” or “we don’t have the materials and components”.

  • My experience has shown me that the above targets are reached or exceeded when the team has the following resources at their disposal;
  • An experienced lean leader coach orchestrating through on-the-job coaching all levels from shop floor to senior management.
  • A project sponsor and project leader are identified, know their role and stay with the standard on how they should behave.
  • The right project management tools are used, A3 or on very large projects, obeya management.
  • Strong visual management employed at all levels
  • Regular meetings during project realisation
  • A no blame culture with respect and learning is instilled as a foundation to all meetings
  • Escalation
  • Clear, fact based targets and goals including mile stones are measurable and quantifiable and are established with each work-stream owner and included in the master plan schedule.
  • Special circumstances are identified up front and managed within the above schedules.
  • Workstreams learn how to plan, set goals, milestones, call the Andon when things go out hand.
  • The meetings (A3, Obey) have operating rules established by the teams and adhered to by them.
  • Meetings are held in accordance with best practice as proposed by the lean coach.
  • Continuous improvement takes place by using check sheets, PDCA reviews.
  • Lessons learned are yokoten to other members of the organisation.
  • The sponsor, project owner and workstream leaders don’t forget to celebrate small and large successes.
  • All participant are educated with the Toyota Two wheel concept.
How are you KPI’s doing this year?