#Bee Workers

Dear #CEO Look after your BEE workers.

Typical characteristics, traits and behaviours of BEE Workers:

Loyal, hard-working, conscientious, truthful, not averse to helping and supporting others, share information, built a high degree of trust through their examples, demonstrate respect for others. Most aligned to setting a good organisational culture.

Good at their job and open to new learning and development for themselves and support others.  Good problem solvers, task achievers but take people along with them. Able to communicate effectively.

How the organisation should treat them:

You need to promote and develop BEEs. This group is invaluable to the organisation. It is wise to support them in a self-development programme, as in almost most cases, they seek not only material rewards but find meaning and purpose in work through developing themselves and others in problem solving, planning and realising results.

Recruitment, development and promotion must always be based on competency and behaviour never on meeting diversity quotas. We all have a tendency to limp to the left if not checked. A BEE worker can easily fall into limping to the left. This is easily demonstrated by observing self-glorification, a condition of pride and lack of humility as its cousin.
The Bees are the canaries in the mine, listen to what they say about your behaviour and that of the organisational culture.
The use of the description BEE worker is to focus on the fact that they work diligently and bring forth good fruits for the organisation as a whole. The fruits being good works, good deeds and good behaviours.

Look after your BEE’s. BEEs typically represent 20% of your workforce and contribute some 30% of value added.