#7 steps of Hoshin Planning

Dear #CEO
Are you achieving your breakthrough goals this year!?

The 7 steps of Hoshin Planning are:

  • Steps 1 to 4 preparing your sailing voyage and team. Preparing the soil if you like.
    They are what I call comfy work. Because they have been reduced to text a book approach by well read, educated consultants.
  • Steps 5 to 7 are the Doing.
    These steps require profound experience from Genba.

This is where the yacht, your business really needs to deliver during calm seas and storms.

Without a mature understanding of the Two Wheel approach and application, through DMP and MJR, the Hoshin Kanri often stagnates or ends up as an MBO approach.

Developing and delivering a Lean Culture Programme needs full engagement of everyone, all day, everday until it becomes a Habit.

From Leading to Serve