Delivering locking systems, hinges, handles and clamps on time.

I am proud to announce the successful completion of a lean continuous improvement assignment for our client RST Roztocze in Poland, focused on improving lead-times on thousands of client orders.

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Manufacturing companies across the world face achieving delivery time schedules for their clients a major challenge, partly due to shortages of raw materials and components in the market.
With so much change and uncertainty, RST Roztocze Management, decided to tackle the problem head on and engage the Lean Leadership Way Institute, Polish branch to support them in improving client leadtimes.
RST Roztocze offers and delivers thousands of different products each month to clients all over Europe. With over 30 years of experience, employing over 1000 employees and 350+ machines the task was not an easy one.
Within two weeks of commencing work, following a full analysis of the current state, a lean Kaizen strategy was employed to tackle a specific family of client orders.

Focusing on client takt, visual management and problem solving we went to work, focusing on facts and calling the Andon when necessary.

All production related teams were engaged from; sales, technology, tool room, CNC milling and turning machines, laser cutting and metal sheet forming, plastic injection moulding and zinc die casting process technology, precision welding and surface finishing, procurement and planning.

Within 10 working weeks, lead-times had improved by 96% whilst maintaining a significant increase in client orders. SQDC - Safety, Quality and Costs were not compromised.

Its incredible what you can do when you have an experienced team of Sensei facilitating a dedicated and professional leadership team.

Engage – Inspire – Implement using the Program for Continuous Improvement based on the Toyota methods and principles.

Well done RST Team