#3 golden wisdoms for Genba

Dear #CEO 

Wisdom at the Genba – Don’t forget these sound lean principles

Genba wisdom nr. 1:
Man can wait
Machine can wait
Material must flow

How often we become so focused on ensuring employee utilisation and machine OEE when material – the client order, is waiting, it is not flowing through from order to delivery.

Genba wisdom nr. 2:
What system of judgement and decision making are necessary to be used at all times by all employees when it comes to SQDC/P

Always use the PRINCIPLE governing in the workplace.
Then THE RIGHT THING TO DO if there is no principle,
Finally, if not sure what right is, use your personal EXPEDIENCY.
If in doubt, use the ANDON.

Genba wisdom nr. 3:
QUALITY is an attitude, the rest are checks and balances

No sensei would want you to copy paste The Toyota Production System – TPS, however, they would encourage you to really try to understanding the wisdom and psychology which is embedded behind the heart and soul of TPS, so you build the business you need not the one you have.