#2 Top tips for Production Team Leaders

Just imagine for a moment that your job will be replaced by an AI Robot 😮 What is Your Moral Compass?
Do you need one anyway as we have replaced the Logos with self?

This post is all about Habit 1 from Mark Forkun’s New Book on Lean Leadership.

The AI engineers will programme your tacit knowledge, process memory and standard work but what about your Management & Leadership ethics, habits, values, should they consider yours?

Which values and habits are closest to yours?
Pick from the list:
🤖 MBO – the goal is key not the road or way to the goal, values!
🤖 Your promotion & Bonus and keeping in with the Bosses, values!
🤖 Lean Leadership based on TPS, values!
🤖 Your Corporate values, a face mask infront of your Supervisors!
🤖 Servant based Leadership based on values!
🤖 The malevolent wolf hidden in sheep clothes, values!
🤖 Financial investors, all well as long as you make even more money!
🤖 What counts is power, ego, cash values!

I’m a descent guy with family (but I will compromise my values) when it comes to securing my family well-being, values.
What are values, business is business, what the f*** are you talking about, values?!

The point is, AI engineers in China, Silicon valley, USA, Russia, Asia, Europe are designing robots who will make ethical decisions regarding your job your organisational culture, hmm, what do you practice what do I practice!!!
Can you image what their ethics, values are, what are yours?

Perhaps, whilst we still can, work on our behaviours and habits.

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