#You – with potential for good.

Dear #CEO
Remember, you are only a human being, but with potential for good.

‘Leadership is only a title, it will pass.
Focus on what is important and the urgent will sort itself out.

If your job, your team, your organisation is constantly putting out fires, it suggests you live in a Reactive culture, which is your standard work.

If your day concludes with all things Stable, Steady as she goes, it suggests you are moving nicely along to continously improve.

If your day concludes with all things accomplished as Proactive, it suggests you have started on a true North lean CI journey.

If your day concludes with all things Progressively achieved, it suggests you are world class in your domain.
It is unquestionable you are really lean, in spirit, in habits, in culture, in process.
You have achieved Organisational Excellence.
And, by the way, your people are just human beings, achieving exceptional results.

How is this, well, each one confronted their shadow, stopped feeding the bad wolf, stepped forward and took responsibility Leadership of themselves.

Once you achieve this habit, the rest is just process’.

Extract from book ‘Learning to serve’ by Mark Forkun.