#Visual boards – what they’re for?

Dear #CEO
What is the purpose of visual #kpis boards at the daily shift meeting?
So employees know that management has “clearly” informed them of their achievements, goals, errors and problems. More specifically;
👉Everyone will tell you it’s to go through the # KPI numbers from yesterday, see what was OK and what NOK. Go through the #goals for today, then move onto the #problems, cause, #countermeasures, depending on the nature of your meeting.

👉 What they won’t tell you is this:

💪 There is more value in what you can achieve in a well run daily shift or production meeting, using marker pens and a white board, than the entire number crunching software you have in the organisation.
😡 Rubbish you say. Not exactly, it’s the operatives who are in the #valuestream or key support streams.
💪 Get the employees to develop their own KPI’s. The KPI’s #goalsetting should never be dropped down on them from middle nor top management.
💪 Build the KPI tree from the shop floor up, not the other way around.
💪 Don’t preach #hoshinkanri before you can run a meeting properly.
💪 Why you say! Because what people do with machines and their hands is what makes the top level KPI’s come to life.
💪 If they create the KPI visual, they will be engaged mentally. Simple, right!.
💪 Build in best practices by getting the daily shift employees to complete the white boards with markers. Which means reducing pre-printed daily results too.
😡 Why, it’s not showing respect to the employees, they can see what is going on from the 31 daily columns.
💪 Try to eliminate all daily results generated from computers. Are pretty charts really adding value, for whom? Try to have zero print outs. All due respect to office members.
💪 Why did I mention in my last post “do not take notes during meetings, ever”. It’s this, the meeting is for everyone. It’s not for private note taking. If it’s important, it gets written down on the white board as a to do.
💪 That is how you build #communicationskills and #teamdynamics . Tomorrow you can check right hand column, who was to do it, and by when. Simple, yes, so why make life complicated.
💪 Making notes in your diary could lead to this. One person writes; must fix the production line 2, water pump, when actually it was production line 2 water filer tank.
🌶 Write down on the white board what WE agree is the problem, cause, counter measure and who will do it by when. No Notes, ever, CEO, production director, line manager, never.
🌶 Make sure YOU are never late for a shift or production meeting, never, not even if the boss needed you earlier.
💪 Don’t use the meeting to vent your anger, frustrations or malevolence. Remember, just how many times ALL those employees practice #forgiveness towards you, every day!