#The 5th ‘S’

Dear #CEO
“What should I know about the 5th Shitsuke”.
#tps and #employeeengagement as well as #leadershipdevelopment with achieving business #goals are all interrelated.

There is much more to 5S than most of us can imagine. Here are a few pointers for thought.
✅ The 5th S is the discipline in the audit of 5S
✅ Discipline in problem solving, RC & CM.
✅ Discipline in practicing leadership & coaching at the #Genba,
✅ Discipline in practicing the many different goals of #genchi#genbutsu.
✅ Its about ‘I show that I do it”. This also includes such difficult culture building challenges as #andon and #mendoumi as well as #hansei and the habit of #humility.

Developing a CI organisation is a life time habit starting with working on the most challenging problem of all. Yourself.