2-days Leadership Course

A unique opportunity to test your leadership skills under unusual conditions, combining the sharing of experience, learning and sport.

Data: 10-12 September

Place: Półwysp Helski – Chałupy 3, during the course you can also learn how to swim on:

  • winsurfing
  • kite
  • katamaran
  • SUP

Suitable for:

  • leaders
  • managing team
  • people focused on personal development

Have fun while learing & relaxing!

This is the 9th edition of this program organized at Chałupy 3 Campsite by BOSport Company and this time with LLW-Institute Poland.
It is also a great opportunity to exchange best practices with people with similar experience in running companies as teams.
Why not test yourself in different conditions than an office or a production hall.

Want to join us?

Write to: mark.forkun@llw-institute.com