#Success strategy for 2022

Dear #CEO
What is going to be your success strategy for 2022?

Could your strategic break-through for 2022 be focusing on improving your Daily Management Processes!

Many companies are now busy working on their 2022 budgets and business strategy. Nothing wrong with that.
What they may not be telling you is this;

Have you considered that your biggest gains in 2022 could be when you focus your strategy on improving your operational activities!

There are three essential activities you should focus on if you want to make a significant impact on your Strategic Deployment results.

1.     Improve how your leaders manage the team daily pre-shift and production meetings
2.     Standardise the work of Operators as well as shift supervisors and managers
3.     Develop your people Problem solving skills.

#motivation and #engagement with #selfreliance

Are you practicing theses three skills and competences at #Genba with your supervisors and operators!

Experience has shown, by focusing on the three activities above, you will make a significant impact on improving:
1.     Productivity
2.     Inventory turns
3.     On-Time delivery
4.     Lead time
5.     Quality
6.     Employee rotation/fluctuations.

All the above will have a major impact on your operating profit.
Are you prepared for a really successful start to 2022?

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